About Hannah’s Garden Of Bows

hair bows for girls

Hello, my name is Dwan, and I am a mother of two amazing daughters, Naomi and Hannah. I love being their mother and experiencing all of the challenges of motherhood. I am grateful for our moments and the treasures of childhood.

I got started creating hair bows with my oldest daughter Naomi for my youngest daughter Hannah as something to do together. As well as create something for our family, their future, and to share with others.

I am creating a product that is affordable, creative, and made with high-quality fabrics. My oldest wore floral hair bows and colorful barrettes as a little girl. My youngest daughter wears hair bows just about every day. She loves the colors and different styles.

A portion of the sales will go to a charity that is dear to my heart that fights against human trafficking. Covenant House is an organization that focuses on homeless children in the United States, who are a vulnerable group for human trafficking.

Statistics show that this group estimates that a human trafficker will approach 1 in 3 homeless kids within 48 hours of being on the streets. This ministry provides housing and necessities, and it also advocates for laws to protect children and put an end to human trafficking.